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I was thrilled to come home after a rough day at work and find this purple crocus in bloom in my front flower garden. I love flowers and I have a large front flower bed. The problem, other than the fact I live in eastern Idaho where winters start in November and last into April, is that it’s on the north side of the house and is just in the right spot to collect snow shoveled from the walk in addition to what accumulates there from the sky. It also is in the shadow of the house, so it is the last place to let go of the snow and ice.

And then our neighbors all seem to have flowers and trees and lawns jumping into spring weeks before our landscaping. It is sometimes so hard to wait for the greening and colors.

There are few things more thrilling for me than to see flowers bloom. I love the colors, patterns and textures. Flowers inspire me to be soft, but tough; delicate and yet hardy. I know there are some green weeds growing in that front flower bed and I should pull those up, but it’s been such a long winter I just can’t bring myself to do it. Yet.

I am at the stage of pulling weeds in my manuscript, Silent Thunder. I’m going through and weeding out all of the unnecessary ly-ending words. Do you know how many words end in ly?!? I have discovered I use the words only, normally and finally too much. My problem is when I go in to edit, I start rewriting and adding words and sentences, which in turn are going to require more editing!

This morning I think I finally put together all the plot pieces that up to now wouldn’t fit together. I can’t wait to fix these plotted problems. Most of them revolve around the bad guys, which is not surprising to me. After all, they are bad guys and they have been giving me grief through the entire writing process. First, I discovered I am not really good at creating bad guys because I reformed them into not-so-bad guys. But I kept working at it and I got them to stay bad. Then their why, where and what got as limp as month-old celery. Today it came to me how to invigorate their purpose, motivation and locations. Yea!

I’ll let you know how smoothly the writing goes. Somehow, I think those darn bad guys may have a few more dirty tricks waiting for me.

Enjoy the read, TC Robinson

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