Idaho Promise

Still drowsy from winter’s long nap, my mostly brown front flower bed reminds me of the Easter message and the promise of rebirth.

It’s Good Friday and we experienced our warmest, most summer-like day of the year. The temperatures went into the 70s and the winds were calm-ish. Winds are rarely completely calm in southeastern Idaho.

This day was a Good Friday. It showed us that through the trials and tribulations of winter, life will be reborn and it promises us that good and better days are head. We will most likely suffer some more hard times before the good, but because of Good Friday and Easter and spring in Idaho, we know those days will come.

My front garden reminds of the gift of Easter and the promise of renewal and new life. Right now there are little hints of what’s to come; the crocus is in bloom and the tulip greens are sprouting up. But the bed itself is mostly dead-looking. I know it will be a riot of color on top of waves of multi-shade greens, but right now it is brown.

A couple of weeks ago it had large patches of ice and snow in it and it will probably get at least one more dousing of snow if not two. As my grandmother would say, as a rule of thumb it’s not a good idea to plant flowers or gardens before Memorial Day. Despite the storms, the weather will be warmer and calmer and summer will be here before we know it. It’s just really hard to wait!

Happy Easter everyone!

TC Robinson

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