My tulips in my front flower bed are just starting to bud. I liken my progress on my manuscript to these flowers; you can see the shape start to take form, but it’s not at its full height or color.

I don’t want to say I was hearing voices in my head, but the characters in my story did talk to me. I could daydream entire scenes with ease unless, of course, I tried to write a scene that wasn’t to be. Then, I couldn’t imagine my characters and their situations to save my life. Once I got on the right track, the characters nearly dictated the story to me. That is until I wrote the last words and then they were gone. The noise that had been in my head for years was silent.

It’s been an odd adjustment and not one I anticipated. I’m finding it difficult to settle into a writing routine with the addition of the website and entering into the editing phase of the manuscript. And now there’s the addition of nicer weather and the need to be out-of-doors. But mostly, it’s the silence.

Also I’m bouncing from place to place in the story, fixing this here and that there. It’s not as linear as it once was. I feel like I’ve created a puzzle but so many big chunks of it are in pieces, it is hard to see the complete picture. It’s there. I know it will be complete and beautiful, but right now it’s a little unexciting.

I will keep working on it though, because I still can see the full-color potential of what it can become. Also, like my tulips, one seed of an idea fully grown and bloomed generates seed for future story ideas.

Enjoy the read, TC Robinson

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