Snake River Writers Conference

I am thrilled to say I am registered to attend the Snake River Writers Conference Sept. 27-28 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This will be my first and I have no idea what to expect other than being amongst some great and wonderful people.

Yes, Dorthy. We are going to Oz!

And it gets better. Literary agent Jim McCarthy will be at the conference both as a workshop presenter and to meet individually with select attendees. The selection was done through registration. I signed up for a 10-page consult, but people also had the choice to sign-up for a one-page consult. The people who signed up were put in drawings for each category since more people wanted to meet with Mr. McCarthy than time allowed. I am so fortunate to be one who got drawn for a consultation! I can’t quit smiling about it and I’ve known for over a month.

The organizers are leaders of our local writing group, the Snake River Writers. They have been to many writing conferences, but this is the first one they’ve organized in Idaho Falls. It may well be the first one in Idaho Falls. If registration is an indication, it should be fantastic. They’ve already moved to a larger venue because of the high response. I’m not sure if there are any spots left, but information is up on the conference FaceBook page, Snake River Writers Conference.

Here is the line up.

Ali Cross                             Save the Cat (novel outlines)

Chad Morris                       Pacing for Your Story

Cory Anderson                  Setting the Mood

Dennis Gaunt                    Slushpile Tales

Jared Garrett                     Productive Creativity

Marion Jensen                  Mastering Fiction Writing

Megan Clements             Twitter Contests

Shauna Holyoak                Satisfying Endings

Shelly Brown                      Developing Voice

Steven Bohls                      Character Development

Wendy Swore                   Character-Driven Descriptions

Jim McCarthy                     What to Ask an Agent Who Offers Representation

Jim McCarthy                     Queries

I feel like a kid sitting in front of a Christmas tree surrounded by piles of wrapped presents and it’s only Dec. 22. Not only do I need to wait until September, I have to wait until the end of September. Aarrgh!

Enjoy the read,

TC Robinson

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