New Day

Today was the first full day of school in the district where I work as a secretary in the counseling center. It’s a busy day for us and for the students it’s about every emotion of which you can bring to mind. Mostly, students are excited even if they are trying to hide it. And who wouldn’t be with a brand new start, clean slate type of environment. By the last class period, students were getting pretty tired of hearing about syllabuses and the excitement was wearing a little thin. Still it was all new and fresh.

I am fortunate to be in a work place were there are new starts. It’s not just at the start of school, but at each trimester as well. I wonder how other occupations would be if they had a fresh, brand new start day every year? Most businesses have a fiscal year, but operations continue the same, day after day. I worked a2t a newspaper before I started with the schools and I suppose each newspaper was a new start but it didn’t feel like it because we didn’t necessarily write articles for the next newspaper. The articles could be for two or three newspapers down the road, while feature photos or photo pages could be put in even later. With school there is no question: first day of school, first day of trimester, first hour of the day. Each holds an expectation and anticipation.

Of course it was hectic and stressful – frustrated students, irked parents, overloaded teachers – but I had fun with the students doing some rah-rah on the new school year, catching up with summer events, meeting new people.

May each morning be a new beginning that is greeted with anticipation and begun with high expectations.

Enjoy the read,

T C Robinson

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