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I was on the Word Press site and searched for different keywords for this site. I couldn’t find me, so to everyone who has and to all who follow me I want to send out a huge THANK YOU! And thanks for taking the time to like and to follow. I really appreciate it!

So somewhere along the line – probably late at night as that is where most of my computerized missteps occur – I changed my blog page from the Page Turner to Bookshelf. Now I can’t find my Page Turner page or my original Bookshelf page. For now, I’ll continue to use the Bookshelf (not a bad name for a blog) and will keep working and getting things back to the original format. Thanks for sticking with me!

I’m continuing the quest to write or blog at least once a week. Sometimes I get distracted by the windmills, but I’ll do my best to stay on track.

The Snake River Writers Conference is approaching quickly and my excitement/nervous balance is starting to tip toward nervous. I’m uncomfortable going places by myself and doing things for the first time, so this event is high in my anxiety zone. I focus on the good – all that it can help me with as a writer and person. We don’t grow and bloom in the comfort zone, we catch our breath there. It is time for me to grow, so it is time to step out.

I’ve rewritten (about a billion times) my query letter and I would post it on the Bookshelf, but see paragraph 2. I would love some feedback on it, either as a comment or you can post on Chocolate (love) and Raisins (dislike.)

Query for Silent Thunder:

“I’m writing to seek your representation for my 96,000-word complete manuscript, Silent Thunder, an action-packed spy adventure story that holds a deeper reflection on recognizing opportunities for change and being adventurous enough to grab a hold of those moments and hang on for the ride. Lisa Cunningham is one of the most invisible and dangerous covert agents in the world. Through the meddling of a powerful and secret committee, Lisa is thrown into crisis when the rescue operation team she is working with in Iran is brutally attacked. Despite being stranded from controllers and contacts, she evades capture on her quest for equilibrium across the Mediterranean and back to the United States. She is mysteriously led to a new mission in Idaho where she meets Chance Remington, an ex-military intelligence officer and current Idaho rancher. He has just buried the remains of the ex-finance who broke his heart into as many pieces as there are stars in the night sky. Together, Lisa and Chance track down terrorists who threaten nuclear annihilation and the shadowy committee that brought them together.

“Lisa and Chance learn that no matter how messed up your life, no matter how broken, nature will give you a chance to remake yourself into the person you want to be, but you have to choose to change. The question is not can they, but will they?”

Again, thanks for all of your support!

Enjoy the read,

T C Robinson

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