Change is in the Air

It has started to rain.

I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but here in Idaho it’s unpredictably predictable. Fall is right around the corner and so … it has started to rain. We never think it will and we fret about the heat of summer never ending just about as much as we wonder if the snow will ever fall. But it does … eventually. There are dry years when the summer stretches into October or November and wet years when the cold rains of spring continue until October. But this year, we seem to be right on track for normal.

I imagine some people may think it’s always cold and snowy here since snow capped mountains are the iconic pictures of this area. We have wonderful summers here. Temperatures on my side of the state are between 75 to 90 degrees during the summer and on the Boise side of the state they climb into the low 100s. There is no humidity and often the skies are robin-egg blue. Summer can be beautiful here, but I am so ready for fall.

Titan, our collie/husky mix, 2-year-old dog, is loving this cooler weather. He sweated out most of the summer in the shade or laying on the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. We went without rain from mid-July to the first of September. August was hot and dry and more than once I poured ice cubes from the freezer out on the lawn so Titan could lie down on them like he did on the last of the shriveling snow mounds in the spring. He didn’t get the idea. He just plopped down next to the ice cubs and ate them.

With the cooler weather he’s much more active and wants to play chase in the backyard. He is Spidey fast when he wants to be, especially when he’s faking you out and zaggs when you zig. It’s hard to remember what we consider bad weather is great fun for him.

The rains herald the change of seasons. Hopefully it will rain for a week or two and then get warm and dry again. When that happens our fall colors, especially in the mountains, are incredible with brilliant golds, deep reds and even oranges and pinks. Every night driving home from work I take a different path so I can keep an eye on the trees. Tonight, the birches not far from my house are sporting patches of yellow. These trees are my harbingers of fall and seeing the yellow sent a small thrill through me. To celebrate, we had sandwiches and hot soup for dinner; I put on a snuggly long-sleeve shrug and footies and am trying to convince myself it’s warm enough to wrap up in blanket. Oh well, we’re close!

Enjoy the read,

T C Robinson

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