Fantastic Friday

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and whatever you are a fan of what brings you light, joy and laughter. Being a fan of something or someone can be fun and entertaining. It brings a spark to our life.

You have fans, although you may not know it. People follow you, are impressed by you, and model their lives after you. It may be a moment, perhaps how you reacted to a cranky clerk in a crowded grocery store. It may be a lifetime in the case of your children and family members. Be a star and let your light shine for others.

I don’t think it’s entirely coincidental that the words fantastic and fanatical are so close in spelling and pronunciation. We tend to overindulge in the things we like in life; the things that drive and inspire us. That’s not all bad until whatever it is becomes the only there is. Consider addictions – food, drug, gamboling, you name it. If we become single-minded about something – fanatical about it – it can take over our lives instead of enhancing it. Like a spider wrapping up a fly, our desires can sometimes suck the life blood out of us.

This Friday, let’s keep it in balance. Before the weekend, take a moment to inventory what you love and what thrills you and consider if you are a fan or a slave to it. Yes, I have to close the potato chip bag.

Whatever you do, make it fantastic!

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