Selfie Saturday

I hope everyone got to take some time for themselves this Saturday. We focus a lot on giving to others, especially this time of year, but we need to put ourselves on the Christmas wish list as well.

I work in an office where our jobs are to give. It’s a great place to work! But I can tell when someone is at the bottom of their emotional barrel. People get cranky. The snarls surface and it is time for a break. Fortunately, we have some long breaks built into the work year, so we can take time to recharge the batteries, and as Steven Covey says, sharpen the saw.

I’m designating Saturday as my selfie time. It doesn’t have to be all day, but it does have to be enough that I’m refreshed and refueled. When you get yourself in a good place, you can be so much more for others.

Benjamin Franklin said to take 15 minutes each day to set priorities for your day and reflect on the past day. Franklin’s way of prioritizing was helpful as well. First you prioritized your to-dos by A, B and C. You may have more than one A, top of the list items, so then go back and number them in priority. During daily reflection time review the list and mark complete, in progress or take it off the list.

I hope this is helpful for you!

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