Service Sunday

This is kind of hard to talk about without bringing religion into the picture, but I think whatever your religious outlook, it’s important to serve others. Like giving thanks, service does as much for us as for the receiver.

I heard a thing on the radio that said if you are wondering if you have a servant heart watch your reaction the next time someone asks you to do something for them. Do you do it with pleasure or do you feel tasked by the task? Do you think there are some things that are above or below your “station” at work?

I must confess I get torqued when people at work turn to me and say we are out of copy paper in the office. There is a room full of copy paper and everyone is able to get paper. It was pointed out to me when I started that it is not my job to do tasks that everybody is capable of doing, like getting paper and putting it in the copiers. I mean, that was the example! The problem is the people who were there when I started are not the people who are there now and I know I need to make adjustments, but I find this servant task difficult. I grit my teeth; I get heartburn; I steam and whine – all negative things that take away from me. I hope I will get to the point where gladness will fill my heart at the opportunity to give to others. Spoiler alert – I don’t think it’s going to be anytime soon!

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