Begin again

And we’re back to Wonderful Wednesday and looking for ways to appreciate and inspire the wow of life.

These thoughts have tumbled in my head all week. Like rocks in a polisher, they have tumbled and banged, screeched and scraped the inside of my head until it feels raw – wonderful, but raw.

This series started innocently enough. A person wished me a wonderful Wednesday. I couldn’t believe it, my jaw was down to my knees in amazement. I felt like that little neighborhood kid on the trike who watches Mr. Incredible lift the car over his head. “That’s Amazing!” ‘Have a wonderful Wednesday’ is what I tell people, along with marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, and Fantastic Friday. The people are mostly my husband and my children and I say it mostly as we are getting ready for the day. The point is, I’m the cheerleader. I’m the one saying it. They say thanks, and they say, “you too, mom.” But an unsolicited, Pollyanna-esc cheer in alliteration? It was amazing! I felt so wowed I shared that idea in a text with family and friends and then thought, why stop there?, and put it on the blog.

Unlike the entries of the last week, the thoughts didn’t form in nice one-day chunks. After Wednesday, it all started to bloom, grow and merge together in, I hope, some sort of cohesiveness. The overview goes something like this: it all starts with service to others and as we focus more on others, we are able to more clearly see ourselves. Sometimes, that can be a scary journey that requires us to face some hidden fears, but it’s great because what we get is an understanding of what makes us us and an ability to see and appreciate wonder. We hang on to it by being appreciative and keeping our desires and perspectives in balance and by taking time for self-reflection and goal setting.

I’m still working on the whole-pie picture, but hopefully it will be visible for you and I hope you take it and sharpen it to fit in your life. The point of the daily entries is that it is near impossible to eat a whole pie in one sitting, but it’s simple to take it a slice at a time.

I hope you’ll forgive the preachiness of these posts and that you have enjoyed the read!

TC Robinson

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