Thank You

Thank you! Thank you for sticking with me this week. Thank you for this forum to express my ideas so they don’t drive me crazy by echoing in my brain 24/7. Last Wednesday I began a blog series that went each day and the result was I blogged daily for an entire week – a first! Thank you!

From that simple two-sentence beginning, the daily challenges for looking within and reaching out began. But there’s more to it than that because it has inspired me to blog everyday of last week. For writers this is important and the reason many of us have blogs. Writing begets writing and creating time to write goes from an impossibility to a chore. It’s never easy to find time, but when I’m writing I hate to stop and, as you can see, my blogs got longer as the week went on.

So, thank you. By being there you helped me take a deeper look within myself and sharpen my writing habits and skills. I hope the blogs helped you as well.

Speaking of writing … I am still trying to get my new project off the ground. I modified my first idea so it was more me and less Once upon a time, the TV series. But I’m still kind of stuck, so I bought a collection of writing tools for creative writing and I’m finding lots of good information there. The books, seminars and on-line courses are not just lecture, which is helpful, but also hands-on projects through which I can walk my characters and plot lines.

I actually did get a tweet up for Pitchwars in early December, but I don’t think I got the correct tags on it. Still, a post, a step closer.

Thanks again, and enjoy the read,

TC Robinson

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