Time Flex

It’s probably a good thing that the NFL season is winding down. It went past in a blaze; for my team, sometimes in glory and sometime in a fiery car crash. I enjoy watching football and being a fan, but it takes up a lot of time with games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday and doing pick sheets on Tuesday. That leaves Wednesday for doing everything else.

With Christmas shopping, a painting project, helping friends, doing my lessons and just trying to keep up with the housework, time to write is in short supply. I want to keep writing on this blog, so it’ll have to be watching football that gets dialed back. Darn it!

In two weeks the regular season will end, and in one week I’ll start a two-week holiday break and the demands on my time will change again. In three weeks I’ll be back at work and things will change again. It seems flexibility and taking advantage of every minute is what is important in the upcoming days.

Wish me luck and enjoy the read,

TC Robinson

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