Christmas has come and gone and we are all adjusting to the regular everyday. Of course, Christmas is a season and continues past the single day celebrating Christ’s birth, but The Day has been experienced and is now in the past. It’s kind of sad. And it’s probably the reason why we have an inner drive to move forward and not live in the past.

I am off on a holiday break until January 6 and as I focused everything on The Day, I am now a little lost at how I should spend my time. I don’t know if you noticed, but my Christmas Eve post didn’t get published until Dec. 28. It seemed as if I was caught in a swirl of activity and family and friends and neighbors and now I’m becalmed. That doesn’t mean I’m calm. It means I’m stuck in a sea of indecision and I can’t seem to move anywhere. It makes me wonder about postpartum depression. We link that term with women after they give birth, but couldn’t it also describe that listless feeling after a big event that you’ve planned for months and that leaves you incapable of doing anything when there is a ton of stuff you should be doing. Maybe it’s not the short days and lack of sunlight that causes the winter blues; maybe it’s dealing with the after effects of that single greatest day. And maybe we get stuck because we look our focus on what’s next.

Christmas is a season not a day; a wedding is not an event, it’s is the beginning of a marriage and a new way of life; a birth is the beginning of a life of which we are blessed to experience as family. Let’s move forward, find a second wind, and move on to a new journey, a new year and a new decade.

Whatever you do, enjoy.

T C Robinson

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