Scary steps

Yesterday I took my dog, Titan, for a walk. I realize that’s a pretty normal activity for dog owners, but it was the first time I walked him since Feb. 13, when he took off on me, causing me to face plant and dislocate my shoulder.

We didn’t go far – just to the end of the street and back. The brevity was due more to everyone and their dog choosing that time to go for a walk, than any problem controlling Titan. As far as Titan and I were concerned, it was a great experience. To be honest, I was very nervous to go out with him and could only see in my mind’s eye an endless procession of squirrels and cats darting in front of us, tempting Titan to chase after them, dragging me along like a scarf waving through the air at the end of his leash.

No cats. No squirrels. Just more dogs than I’ve ever seen on our block. Titan didn’t seem to mind the short outing, he was just so dang happy to be on a walk! He’s incredibly smart, but at the same time easily pleased.

I was glad I faced my fears – got back up on the horse and all that. I find myself wanting to give into stress and anxiety of these times during the covid-19 outbreak and not do anything, but I know that will only make life harder instead of sweeter. It is incredible how fast we humans adapt to surroundings and circumstances, which can be a double edged sword.

To combat the negative reactions, I think I’ll continue to focus on tasks (I have completely neglected my writing this last month) and other people. And if all else fails – go to my happy place! What are your plans? I’d love to hear them.

Enjoy the read, TC Robinson

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