A new view

If I were a character in a fairy tale, I’d be the old, blind crone, with the twisted fingers that sells something on the side of the road. Hopefully, I would be the friendly, helpful old lady or the wise oracle, but not the evil witch.

I say this because already arthritis is bending and twisting my fingers and cataracts have formed over my eyes. And I’m only 57! (I can say only, right!?!)

Life is good and I’m blessed to live in this day and age and not in the time of fairy tales. I start cataract surgery next week and through the miracle of technology will have a multifocal, astigmatism correcting lenses implanted. Not only will this veil of fuzziness be lifted, but my sight will be restored to near perfect, if not perfect.

I feel like Cinderella slipping into the glass slipper and stepping into a brand new life. I have worn glasses since the third-grade and every time I’ve seen an eye doctor, my prescription has been strengthened. Now, with this operation, I may never have to wear glasses again!

Enjoy the read,

TC Robinson

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