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Despite the wild disappointment of the Seahawks first lost of the season this Sunday, this week is going to be great! I have my second cataract surgery scheduled for Tuesday, a grooming appointment for Titan, who has become the shaggiest dog ever, and a meeting with David Loy, who is a member of the Jerry Jenkins success team.

Jerry Jenkins is a writer and he started the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild. I joined the guild for a few months and it was great. A little too great. Everything I learned was very helpful, but I got so behind in implementing what I learned, that I decided to close my membership and concentrate on editing my book with the lessons I received, and then perhaps join back up later. My main focus now is R.U.E. – resist the urge to explain, and transform my passive voice into active. Since those are my two main weak spots, it’s going to take me a while!

David Loy works on the Jerry Jenkins team and I am excited to have a zoom meeting set up with him. He reached out to me as part of a single class I bought from Jerry Jenkins after I left the guild. It’s called the Self-Editing Master Class and I can drop in on it as my speed, which fits my needs better than the guild at this moment.

I’m doing the Titan prance, I’m so excited. My dog, Titan, literally prances with excitement before a walk. I tease we should have called him Prancer because he rocks from one foot to the other so fast that it is hard to put on his collar. Unfortunately, that doesn’t extend to going to the groomer. Being a collie/husky mix, he is all about the thick coat of long hair. He sheds constantly and that creates mats. He doesn’t like his backend to be touched (who does?), so his long, sweeping tail is just a mess. It almost looks like he’s getting dreds. We may have to make this a two-visit grooming experience.

It will be fantastic to get my second cataract taken out. The first eye has done wonderfully and I am amazed at the sharpness of the world. I’m writing without contacts or glasses right now. It’s blurry without correction on my right eye, but it’s better than what it was with my last pair of contacts!

I had my first surgery last Tuesday and by Thursday and Friday, the light was really bothering me. It felt like my orbital bone had been punched; not the punch itself, but the after soreness. I finally figured out it was the light and got relief from the black-out glasses. By Sunday, I wasn’t wearing the glasses at all and even the glare from my computer as I write this isn’t bothering me. So happy!

I’ve moved on past the Seahawk loss. Hopefully this team will learn to play four quarters of football. They were so awesome the first half! And that’s not common for the Seahawks as they usually bury themselves in a deep hole the first-half and then claw their way out the second. Have you ever seen an Osprey (seahawk – actually closer to an eagle) catch a fish that’s a little to big for it? The osprey has to work so hard to get out of the water and carry it away through the air. Every flap of the wings is a struggle, but the bird keeps flapping and doesn’t give up. I know my team will soar into the playoffs, it’s just getting there that’s the struggle. The Seahawks will get there because they won’t give up and the 12s won’t give up on them.

Enjoy the read,

T C Robinson

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