Souper Bowl

As the nation gets ready for the NFL Super Bowl, my community celebrates Souper Bowl, where students, faculty, and supporters donate canned food or money to one of two rival schools – Idaho Falls High School or Skyline High School, which from now on is referred to as “the other school.”

Idaho Falls High and the other school have battled on the football field for more than 50 years and their yearly gridiron matchup is epic – even catching national attention. So it’s only natural for the two schools to come together in competition to give back to the community. The Souper Bowl is a canned food drive for the Community Food Basket.

Through the innovation of technology, you can join Idaho Falls High School Souper Bowl Team and help us win back the Souper Bowl trophy, which, yes, features a can of soup. Donations may be mailed or given electronically at Food items may be purchased online and delivered to Idaho Falls HIgh School, 601 S Holmes Avenue, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Food items must be non-perishable as this is the biggest food drive of the year for our community food bank and items need to be able to last a while. Each school has local potato processors who donate Idaho’s famous spud, so please, no potatoes!

A $1 donation is equal to two cans in our competition. In keeping with our football theme, every donation is positive yards toward our goal, but the more given, the bigger the impact.

$1 = Welcome fans!

$10 = Join the huddle – you are on our Souper Bowl Team! Roar!

$100 = First Down! We keep the ball and we keep moving toward our goal. We’ve got momentum, baby!

$500 = FIELD GOAL! Points on the Board. Celebrate!

$1,000 = TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! Yes! High-fives all around, we are winning this thing!

Thank you for all your support of this blog and for whatever you can do for our Souper Bowl competition. Remember it all goes toward the community food bank. If you don’t donate to Idaho Falls High School, please reach out to food banks in our community and win one for the good.

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